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Free Hope, Harmony and Happiness Downloads, Such As eBooks and Tools CREATED With You in Mind…


Hope, Harmony and Happiness downloads: Ebook - 12 Actions Toward Increased Happiness by Christopher Linton (2017)
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#1. 12 Actions Toward Increased Happiness by Christopher Linton (2017)



Total Truth Letter
Click on the above Poster to download the Instructional

#2. Send an “I” Focused Truth Letter – Face Your Fears

It is important to release, dump, or discharge any unexpressed feelings toward others that you may be holding. This instructional exercise is designed to eliminate negative emotions such as guilt, resentment, hurt, or anger. This can be done verbally or in writing. The Instructional pdf file you will receive after you click on the above poster.

The main point of the exercise is to deal with your negative emotions. The ultimate goal is to move forward with forgiveness and unconditional love, as quickly as possible. This will set you free!


  1. Use “I” statements ONLY. Take 100% responsibility for how you feel without offending.
  2. Avoid saying, YOU …! Saying ‘you’ may set up a spontaneous verbal auto-defensive response or psychological defence-block from the person you want to communicate with.

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