The Great New Zealand Walk of HOPE

The Vision for Earth Walk’s Great New Zealand Walk of HOPE

The Great New Zealand Walk of HOPE at Jugglers Rest Backpacker in Picton, New Zealand.
The Great New Zealand Walk of HOPE at Jugglers Rest Backpacker in Picton, New Zealand.

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  • To bring awareness to, and combat the stigma associated with Mood and Anxiety Disorders such as Depression, Bipolar Disorder and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
  • Chris also walked as a Veteran for Veterans to bring attention to the growing epidemic of needless veteran suicides at a rate of over 20 individuals a day ( USA ), more than 7,300 per year.
  • To be an international advocate in partnership with like-minded individuals, groups, businesses owners, and organisations, to create positive sustained change within global society.

The Objective for The Great New Zealand Walk of HOPE

  • To influence a shift in society’s paradigm those who live with ‘Mood Disorders’ such as Depression and Bipolar Disorder.
  • To draw out maximum exposure from media by following a fellow human and veteran’s journey of extraordinary endurance circumambulating various regions and countries around the globe, The Great Global Walk for Hope.

Motivating Factors to go Walking

In New Zealand, approximately 550 people die by suicide each year; someone’s grandparent, father, mother, brother, sister, relative, friend, or coworker. Almost 75% of these needless deaths were male.
The highest rate of suicide was in our vulnerable youth, age 15-24 years old. The Maori youth suicide rate is approximately 2.8 times the non-Maori rate. Rural Suicide by hard-working New Zealand farmers and/or their family members is on the increase.

In Australia, from 2009 to 2013, the average number of suicide deaths was 2,461 persons per year. In 20013, 1,885 males and 637 females died by suicide, a total of 2,522 deaths. This equates to approximately 7 deaths bu suicide each and every day.

Globally the number is staggering and on the increase. Almost One Million people ( 1,000,000 ) die due to suicide every year, and there are much more who attempt suicide. Hence, many millions of people are affected or experience suicide bereavement every year, an estimated Three-hundred Million people ( 300,000,000 ).

Suicide occurs throughout the lifespan and in 2012 was the second leading cause of death among 15-29 year-olds globally. Since then, it has become even worse. The World Health Organisation places depression ( with its associated suicide ) as the number one health concern faced globally today.

Homelessness is a primary symptom and leading predictor of depression, making it a threat to our young children ( students ) throughout the world. A recent study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health suggests that 1 in 9 children attempt suicide prior to graduating High School with 40% of those in Primary/Elementary School. Hopelessness is preventable. Research suggests Hope is a teachable skill. The International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression’s Schools for Hope Project aims to accomplish this.

First Media Event Successfully Accomplished

Recently, Christopher N. Linton, also know as The Earth Walk Man, became the first person in recorded history to circumambulate Tasmania, Australia, some 1,400 km, 300 walk-hours, over 46-days. In doing so, not only were two world records set, but also the expedition successfully generated significant media. In addition, The Earth Walk Man’s son, Kelvyn (14 ), accompanied him for the first part of his ‘Tasmanian Walk for Hope’ setting his own world records: The Youngest person to walk across Tasmania, Australia.

Upcoming Historical Event to Set a New World Record

Research has indicated that several individuals have walked from tip-to-tip New Zealand ) New Zealanders, Germans, French, Swiss Backpackers etc., using the Te Araroa Trail: 3000km route stretching from Cape Reinga in the North to Bluff in the South ), but there is no evidence to indicate an entire circumambulation of New Zealand.

The Earth Walk Man ( Chris ) aims to become the first person in recorded history to circumambulate the entire scenic North and majestic South Islands of beautiful New Zealand, no less than 6,500 km ( 3,500 miles ). The epic history-making walk is planned to take a minimum of 9 months ( 40-weeks or 280-days ), will take 1,200 walk-hours, require 7,350,000 steps, and burn an estimated 1,000,000 calories.

Who is The Earth Walk Man?

Chris is a life-long survivor-thriver who lives with debilitating depression/bipolar disorder, as well as having diabetes II. He is an educator, trainer, published author, cross-cultural psychologist, Desert Storm Veteran ( SGT-P, 71Mc10, NCOIC ) and has set two world records.

Chris says, “I’m doing these walks to create maximum awareness, to combat the stigma associated with these types of disorders, and to inspire positive change by doing something extraordinary and a man who is simply just ordinary.

Chris often struggles to maintain a consistent fitness and weight, due to his illnesses; however, Chris says, “If I can get off my duff and do things like this, then many of us with a dream and determination can also achieve remarkable things and create positive change.”

Charities Chris is Supporting

The aim is to raise at lease $250.000. Funds raised will benefit two carefully selected mental health organisations; one international and the other in New Zealand.

Those that choose to donate will be given the option as to which charity he or she would like to donate.

Radio Coverage for The Great New Zealand Walk of HOPE

Newspaper Coverage for The Great New Zealand Walk of HOPE

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