The Founder: C. Neil Linton

“What lies behind and what lies before are tiny matters compared to what lies within.” 

The Founder: C. Neil Linton prior to climbing Mt. Fuji Japan in Winter.
The Founder: C. Neil Linton prior to climbing Mt. Fuji Japan in Winter.

A proud expat New Zealand-born ( kiwi ) who has lived abroad for thirty plus years, has a passion for living and interacting with those of cultural difference, and who has a spiritual interconnection with people and the environment in which he lives.

In the nineteen seventies, as a teenager, he emigrated with his parents and siblings to the Okanagan Valley in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. He spent much of his youth with his Native American Indian friend and his family on the Inkineep Native American Indian Reservation immersed in the traditions and rituals of the culture. Six years later, he relocated to the United States where he resided for just over a decade volunteering into the United States Army ( now a Desert Storm Veteran ) attached to the United States Chaplain Corp. His Army life had him interacting within the Hispanic and African-American communities.

He has also resided in several other countries: South Korea for five years, Thailand for a year, and Japan for about 10-years where he also immersed himself in their cultures. He took the opportunity to live for several months in the Australia outback where he gained a deeper understanding of the Aboriginal culture.

A mental health advocate with decades of lived experience, C. Linton was diagnosed with Bipolar II Disorder as recently as 2015. As a Desert Storm Veteran, he also lives with the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress ( PTSD ).

The Founder: C. Neil Linton featured in the SCAPE magazine.
The Founder: C. Neil Linton featured in the SCAPE magazine after setting two world records, “A Father’s Dark Trek

Once know as ‘The Earth Walk Man‘ by varies media outlets ( TV, Radio and magazines ) and the locals, he set 2 world records and became the first person in history to circumambulate ( walk ) the State of Tasmania, some 1,400km, taking 300 walk-hours over 46-days. The walk was to bring awareness to and combat the stigma associated with mental illness.


“I aim to inspire an atmosphere where individuals feel compelled to actively create the greatest amount of good and positive change by bringing awareness to and combating the stigma associated with debilitating ‘Mood and Anxiety Disorders’ such as Depression, Bipolar Disorder and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder ( PTSD ).”


  • Scouting: Former cub scout and boy scout, as well as later in life, a Scout Master / Scout Leader in two countries: The United States and New Zealand.
  • Recording Artist: Released two ROCK ballads, in both Canada and the United States, on a 45 record ( 1982 ).
  • Desert Storm Veteran: Assigned to the 10th Mountain Division, Fort Drum, New York attached to The United States Chaplain Crop. as a Sr. Administrator ( 71MC SGT-P, NCOIC ). Highly decorated with an honourable discharge.
  • Writer and Published Author: Multiple titles.
  • Previous Business Owner:
    • The Academy of English Language New Zealand
    • Aspire New Zealand English Language School and TESOL Teacher Training College.
    • New Zealand Education – New Zealand’s largest private education website.
  • The Founder: C. Neil Linton with his son Kelvyn Charles Y.H. Linton after setting a joint world record – The first father and son team to walk unassisted across Tasmania Australia ( Counter-clockwise along coastal roads Port Arthur to Latrobe. )

    2 X World Record Holder:

    • The first father and son team to walk across Tasmania, Australia, and
    • The first person in recorded history to circumambulate Tasmania, Australia ( 1,400 km, 300 walk-hours, 46 days ).


  • Master of Educational Administration and Leadership ( one paper to complete )
  • Bachelor of Social Sciences – Education ( Gifted and Special Needs Children ) and Cross-cultural / Ethno Psychology
  • Attendee – Diploma of Digital Design
  • Associate of Applied Sciences Degree ( with honours ) – Technology ( on Dean’s List )
  • Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages ( TESOL Certification )
  • Indigenous Language Cross-cultural Awareness Program Attendee – Papula Apparr Kari Aboriginal Corporation, NT

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