Advisory Board

The Earth Walk Mental Health Support Community Advisory Board has been carefully selected to include some of the world’s best talents in their fields.

John Beaman – Chairperson

The Earth Walk Mental Health Support Community Advisory Board Member John Beaman Elite Personal and Business Coach.
John Beaman: Advisory Board Chairperson, Human Empowerment and Organisational Development Advisor and Mentor.

John is a recognised and celebrated professional business coach with over 24-years experience in personal, organisational, and business coaching, organisational development, strategic management, and consulting in Total Quality Management. He has provided in excess of 30,000 professional consultations over his career.

John is certified to facilitate no less than 18 internationally recognised personal and business development programs by some of the most recognised and influential thought-leaders, trainers, and speakers on the planet ( Books available through the links below ), such as:

In addition to coaching, John has mastered personal assessment testing, having interpreted more than 10,000 individual profiles from both the Winslow Research Institute Profile and the Myers-Briggs Testing Instrument, finding the right personnel to complement the right roles for various organisations.

After writing the Coaching Curricula for the What Matters Most Coaching Program, John then assisted with the Curricula Development for the Frankin Covey Coach Certification. He also developed and led training for all coaches as the Quality Manager and TimeQuest Manager of international accounts at Franklin Covey.

John continues to assist his clients from all corners of the globe to lead more productive, healthy, and balanced lives. He works with clients to develop the habits, disciplines, and thought-processes to achieve one’s potential.

John will be tapping into his diverse experience, his database of connections, systems, and knowledge, to assist in the growth and success of the Earth Walk Community, both internally and externally. John will be a guiding influence for the Earth Walk Community, toward the establishment of a recognised and respected national and international brand, within the Mental Health sector.

Marc Wilson – Senior Advisor

Advisory Board Senior Advisor, CEO QSciences, 2 X NFL Quarterback Super Bowl Champion, and Hall of Fame Inductee
Advisory Board Senior Advisor, CEO QSciences, 2 X NFL Quarterback Super Bowl Champion, and Hall of Fame Inductee

Marc Wilson has a 30-year track record of business success. He has proven management expertise in several key areas, including operations, finance, and strategic planning. Marc has personally founded and managed several companies, most notably Wilson Pacific Partners, a real estate development and investment firm; Wilson Management Services, a commercial property management and brokerage company; and the private equity firm MERIT Venture Partners.

Marc holds an undergraduate degree in economics from Brigham Young University, Utah, USA and an Executive MBA from the University of Washington, USA.

While at Brigham Young University, Marc was the school’s first consensus All-American quarterback and was selected by the NCAA for a post-graduate scholarship as one of the top 5 scholar-athletes in the nation. In 1980, Marc was a first-round NFL draft pick to the Oakland Raiders. His NFL career spanned ten years and included two Super Bowl Championship seasons. In 1996, Marc was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame.

Marc has a passion for health and wellbeing, particularly bringing awareness to and combating the stigma associated with those who live with the symptoms of mental illness. In fact, Marc has dedicated a large portion of his present life toward creating positive change in this area.

Toby Jenkins – Social Media and Marketing Advisor

Toby Jenkins: Advisory Board Social Media and Marketing Advisor
Toby Jenkins: Advisory Board Social Media and Marketing Advisor and Fortune 500 social media expert.

Toby is the CEO and co-founder of Bluewire Media. His native genius is helping others to be their best’ and he practices what he preaches:  implementing innovative business and management skills and ethical standards when directing and empowering individuals to learn new skills, embrace innovation and expand their personal horizons.

Toby is a popular keynote speaker and corporate MC. He is passionate about web strategy and leading edge management and business practices.

Toby and Franklin were listed in Dynamic Business’ 2010 Young Guns list of young entrepreneurs and Smart Company’s 2009 Hot 30 Under 30.

The internet and social media will transform The Earth Walk Community. Toby believes that an Earth Walk Community web strategy is crucial and ties all elements of an organisation together – whether it is human resources, marketing, or public perception. Its website is the centrepiece, a portal that needs a strategy around it to make it effective. And that is what Toby plans to achieve, by personally mentoring and sharing his wisdom with Earth Walk Community’s Youth Liaison and Social Media Technician Kelvyn Linton, in the art of social media marketing.

Here’s a cool fact about Toby’s personal life: Toby toured with the National Australia Water Polo Team, is an Australian Water Polo Olympian ( Athens 2004 ), and the co-author of Amazon #1 Best Seller Web Marketing That Works.

Deirdre Rolfe – Clinical Counselling Specialist

Deirdre Rolfe - Advisory Board Clinical Counseling Specialist and Advisor
Deirdre Rolfe – Advisory Board Clinical Counseling Specialist and Advisor

Deirdre is a practising Clinical Counsellor with over 20-years experience assisting individuals, couples, and organisations with their mental health and well-being needs. Deirdre is a solution-focused practitioner with a belief that an individual must take full responsibility and accountability for his or her life in order to create and maintain resilience and wellness within it. Deirdre has a passion for people, their behaviours and an interest in the power of the mind to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. “My goal is to awaken minds, to dehypnotise and educate utilising the practice of:

  • Psychology,
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy ( C.B.T. ) a psychological intervention that is the most widely used evidence-based practice for treating mental disorders,
  • Clinical Hypnosis,
  • Neurolinguistic Programming ( N.L.P. ) an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder”

Deirdre has a private practice as well as an online presence called Counsellor-ON-Call utilising a substantial skill-set to help those in need, to include:

  • M.T.C. Master of Therapeutic Counselling
  • Master Level Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner
  • D.E.C. Social Counselling Degree
  • Registered as a Clinical Hypnotherapist with the Australian Hypnotherapist Association
  • Registered Hypnobirthing practitioner – The Monagan Method
  • Certified Professional Practitioner of Sheila Granger’s Visual Band
  • Owner and Trainer of GetPsyhed Weight Loss Clinic
  • Sports’ Performance Mind Coach – ” Boxing” and BRAWL”

Kelvyn Charles Yong-Hyeon Linton – Youth Leader

Kelvyn Charles Yong-Hyeon Linton - 2 X World Record Holder, Mental Health Advocate and Youth Leader
Kelvyn Charles Yong-Hyeon Linton – 2 X World Record Holder, Mental Health Advocate and Youth Leader

Youth Leader, Kelvyn Linton, seems to regularly achieve remarkable goals and tends to thrive on adventure. At age 12, he became the youngest New Zealand Boy-Scout to attend the New Zealand Aviation School. He was also awarded top New Zealand Scout for his astonishing accomplishment of raising more funds during the annual fundraising event than any other scout in the country.

On May 20th, 2015, Kelvyn set two world records becoming the youngest person in recorded history to walk across Tasmania, Australia ( 600 km, 19-days ), and to be on the first father-son team to walk across Tasmania, Australia.

Kelvyn has also attended several conferences representing the youth of Australia on issues of teenage related education, managing stress, and suicide prevention. In September 2015, Kelvyn was invited to attend the Australia Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation ( ACHPER ) as a youth key-note speaker ( His speech – Depression and teenage suicide prevention ).  Kelvyn was voted by his peers to represent his high school year on the Leadership Council.

Kelvyn’s has a desire to become a Royal Australia Navy Officer with a qualification as an Electrical Engineer. Kelvyn also has an interest in IT and Social Media.

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